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Connecting with the Secretariat Webinar

April 25, 2019 @ 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm EDT

Guest Speaker: There was no guest speaker for this webinar.

Element and Topic of the Month: 7.9 (interprofessional collaborative skills) and LCME White Paper “LCME Principles for Education to Develop Interprofessional Collaborative Skills”

Presentation Slides: April 25, 2019 Connecting with the Secretariat Webinar

Submitted Questions for the Secretariat

  1. In terms of an acceptable process to address student feedback from preclerkship years, is it acceptable to the LCME if the concerns are discussed at an end-of-year curriculum retreat followed by a formal voting at the Medical Education Committee on any changes?
  2. Does LCME expect the student ratings in the preclerkship years for courses to be at or above 85% (between strongly agree and agree on course evaluation items)? How does LCME balance student ratings and student performance in exams?
  3. Element 11.1 – Academic Advising: Is it acceptable for a clerkship director to serve as a core advisor to a student if they do not directly evaluate that student and do not assign grades to that student? Instead of the clerkship director evaluating the student and assigning grades, it would be the responsibility of the assistant clerkship director to perform those duties for that student (and for any student the clerkship director advises).
  4. Standard 12 – Medical Student Health Services, Personal Counseling, and Financial Aid Services: In the DCI section for Standard 12.0, Table 12.0-2 asks the school to provide data from the AAMC Part I-B Financial Aid Questionnaire on the median reported medical school indebtedness of all medical school graduates with medical school debt. We have been advised, however, that the data on the AAMC FAQ is reported as mean medical school indebtedness. How should this table be completed given this?
  5. Standard 12 – Medical Student Health Services, Personal Counseling, and Financial Aid Services:  Is there discussion about raising the debt cap from $200,000 to $250,000?
  6. In Table 4.2-1 Scholarly Productivity, do we only count articles/book chapters, etc., produced by faculty members who have a role in the medical education program? Only those articles/book chapters, etc., produced by paid faculty members? Should we be collecting these data from every person with a faculty appointment, or from just a subset of these faculty members? What criteria does the LCME use to determine whether scholarly productivity data is “characteristic of an institution of higher learning”?


April 25, 2019
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm EDT
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