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Complaints and Third Party Comments

The Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) will consider complaints about program quality, third-party comments, and information from public sources, which, if substantiated, may constitute noncompliance with accreditation standards or unsatisfactory performance in one or more elements.  The LCME will not intervene on behalf of an individual complainant regarding, for example, matters of admission, appointment, promotion, or dismissal of faculty or students.

The written submission should contain as much information as possible about the circumstances that form the basis of the comment. If possible, the comment should cite the relevant accreditation standards or elements as contained in Functions and Structure of a Medical School (available in the Publications tab).

The LCME shall attempt to maintain the confidentiality of complaints and comments and any corroborating material. However,

  • Any information about a program or school may be released to the dean of the medical school, members and staff of the LCME, their respective attorneys, and other persons authorized by the dean, required by law or necessity, at the discretion of the LCME, to fully investigate the comment.
  • The individual submitting the complaints and comment and any corroborators will be required to sign an authorization to release the written comment and corroborating materials to the dean of the medical school, members and staff of the LCME, their respective attorneys, and appropriate outside parties. The individual submitting the comment and any corroborators also will be required to authorize the medical school to release any information deemed necessary by the LCME.

For information about the LCME procedures that will be followed to investigate the comment, consult the LCME Rules of Procedure available on the LCME website under Publications. For a list of accredited medical education programs leading to the MD degree consult the LCME website under Directory of Accredited Programs.

Complaints and comments may be submitted addressed to the LCME Secretariat to and must include a completed consent form. Questions about the process may be submitted to

A complaint about the LCME itself, LCME practices and standards, or the conduct of an LCME accreditation survey must be directed to both LCME Co-Secretaries and submitted via e-mail to