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Confidentiality of Information Related to Accreditation

The LCME will disclose to the public only the accreditation status of a medical school. In the case of a decision to place a medical education program on probation or to withdraw accreditation, the LCME will provide notice of the action to the public on its website.

Following action by the LCME about the accreditation status of a medical school, a letter of accreditation transmitting the accreditation decision and a copy of the survey report will be sent by the LCME Secretary to the president of the university (or the equivalent chief executive of the academic institution), with a copy to the dean of the medical school. The survey report and the letter transmitting the accreditation decision will be held confidential by the LCME. The final report may be disclosed by the medical school at its discretion.

The LCME Secretariat ensures that all LCME members, staff, and survey team members have read and have agreed to be bound by the terms of both a confidentiality statement and the Conflict of Interest Guidelines for LCME Surveyors.